April 11 was my 49th birthday and April 18 is my poz anniversary living with HIV for 34 years.

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Maria Mejia, smiling, in front of a painting.

Today marks my 34 year battle with HIV! I never thought I would make it this far! Thank you to all that have helped me and taught me in this journey to be a better human being. ❤️ I want to thank my mother, Tere Velasquez, for being my rock and for always being there for me, even as a troubled and violent teen that saw nothing but pain and violence. But her example and for me, personally, my God, and determination to survive has me still standing and fighting till the end!! I also start my new treatment today, which is one of the newest and least toxic medications for this human condition! I hope that through my spiritual pain, passion, and example, others feel hope and understand that no matter what we go through in life, 🦋 we can overcome and evolve spiritually. 🙏 I am thankful and I know that this will be a new phase in my life where I will try to be more calm and love myself a little bit more.

❤️ love and light

Maria Mejia, smiling, in shirt that reads "This is what an HIV advocate looks like".





Red40something's picture

Wow! So much I wanna say, but some of it seems weird, so I will just stick with this: I'm so glad you are still here. So happy for your growth and light. Excited for this new chapter in your life. Proud to call you sister. <3 ( ps...I didn't realize we were so close in age. I'll be 50 this year)


Better soon than later

MariaHIVMejia's picture

Thank you, sister, for always having a kind word or encouragement for me. I am very Thankful. Love and light  


Happy Birthday

JoDha's picture

Firstly, this tee is a steal!! The message it emits is impactful.
Once again, many many happy returns of the day - belated though in AGLM. Knowing well your journey, I salute your mother who is indeed a powerful force behind all your battles that you fought and emerged out like a phoenix. Speaking about battles, I recall an Aries quote : "Aries rules the head and brain and like the Ram, Arians go into battle headfirst." And that's so you!!


My twin soul

MariaHIVMejia's picture

You are an inspiration and I am.so happy that life out you in my path 🙏 love and light 


My Awesome sister

boseolotu's picture

I am Thankful to God Almighty for keeping you well and healthy.
May you continue to age with Grace, Peace, Love, Happiness Long life and Sound Health.
May you always be happy my awesome sister.
You are an amazing woman, friend, colleague and my beautiful beloved sister from another mother.
Bose Love you Maria!!!


Gracias Abose

MariaHIVMejia's picture

In it till the end 🙏


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