Submitted on Jun 23, 2020 by  HIVstigmafighter

To those of you who are newly diagnosed with HIV and AIDS,

How do you feel now?

I have been thinking about an easy way to share some important guidance to people who have just been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS.

I did not have a chance a few years ago when I was diagnosed, there was no internet where people could read information. It was a doctor's words against mine. I did not get any peer counseling or talk with specialist nurses. So here I am with my 17 years of experience living with HIV.


The first thing to do after you find out your HIV status is to search for information instead of starting to count the days left for you to die.

Embrace your HIV status. You are lucky to find out because with the right medication you will live a long, healthy life like anyone else.

Don't fight it; it won't help you, it will only put you down.

Be Positive and don't change who you are. HIV is just a chronic disease. It is manageable for people who are aware of their status.

It is not the end of the world and please don't think anyone can smell that you are HIV positive. It is also not written on your face.

Take it easy and you don't have to be open about it... Only when you feel you are READY. So please make peace within yourself and get ready because once you are out of the closet, there is no turning back. The world, full of STIGMA, will be waiting for your response. You need a strong positive mind to fight back against Stigma and discrimination around HIV and AIDS. Be sure you are ready for this!

Yes your Freedom is your Right, but not always will you be treated like you are free. Sometimes we need to take it slow and see how far we get!

Stay Positively Alive

HIV Stigmafighter

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