It's My Time to Fight Stigma

From my place of silence
I choose the path of freedom
By speaking out the hidden truth
Regarding you, HIV virus!

Why walk the endless journey?
The fulfillment my life was missing
Was to be free from the corner of darkness,
Free from this silence, which continues to kill
Many HIV positive people!
Yes, medication can help,

But living a secret causes more stress!
Living a lie was putting me under depression,
Wearing the mask to pretend nothing is going on
It confused me till I almost lost my confidence!
And there was no pride in hiding behind this mask.

There was a day when I told the World my unspoken story,
Of being an HIV positive mother for so long!
I decided to stop hiding behind the mask,
Would I ever be wearing another mask on this face?
Tomorrow is coming; I am full of hope...
That the world will stop discriminating against me
Because of my positive status.
That the World can see my achievement.
That people will finally see we never give up on ourselves.
When the HIV virus will lose the battle...
But this is only possible when people stop being ignorant!

HIV virus, you thought you were clever,
But hell no, you are the loser!
I shall never accept again
The pain, the misery and emptiness
You caused me the moment we met!
My life now has so much more value
I have learned to appreciate the small things
Bright and beautiful, in my life,
Because those things gave me,
My thousand reasons to live and smile!
It's my time now to fight the HIV stigma.

HIV stigmafighter




Breaking the Silence

boseolotu's picture

Thank so much for sharing your story and choosing to break the Silence.
I am glad and proud of you.
And quite a poet I love it.


What a beautiful way to break

Red40something's picture

What a beautiful way to break the silence!



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