Do Women Matter? #NWGHAAD

Today is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NWGHAAD), a very important day for us women living with the human condition of HIV. I am happy that they recognize the women warriors that have been battling this condition and have fought along with the men for our rights. It saddens me to see that women are still not included in research! How is it possible that we are taking medication STILL that is only researched on men???!!! Our bodies and anatomy are different. Every time I bring the subject up *actually for years* in conferences, panels, organizations, BIG Pharma, and everyone that will listen, they just nod their head and say, "you are right". Do we matter? Of course we matter! WE ARE A PART OF THIS FIGHT!!! 50% of people living with HIV around the world are WOMEN.

I am tired of it and very tired to see in The United States so few organizations that cater to women. I am a Global Ambassador for The Well Project, a wonderful organization that empowers women and girls all over the USA and the Globe! We should not be worried about grants or funding! I believe that there is room for all of us and at the end of the day we are all the same – HUMAN. We have so many powerful leaders and we mentor others to be leaders in our communities and all over the globe. I am also a part of the Sustain Team with the Emory University of Houston and the Compass Initiative as a part of their Sustain Advocacy Group (SAG) representing the state of Florida where we are trained to review grants and allocate the funds to organizations that are doing the hard work, and trust and believe I know who they are. As I review the mission statements, I get to see firsthand how many are NOT including women "although they would never reject services to them." But you see we as women have special needs!!! Many tell me they don't feel like they belong and are very thankful for the community that The Well Project provides! We need to change that! WE DEMAND THAT! It's the least they can do as we continue to fight to end the stigma and hopefully one day get to zero infections.

I thank those that do support us and believe in our value! Women have always had this problem in society where they feel invisible! Well, things must change and I hope the new and younger generation of women and girls living with HIV that advocate for others see a change! I hope I see a change because HIV and AIDS affect all of us! UNITED WE STAND! DIVIDED WE FALL.

With much love and light,
Maria Mejia

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I agree!

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I'm almost embarassed to say that I never took the time out to notice how much we really don't seem to matter. I just figured our lives were hard and we had to work harder. Gives me something to fight for. Now, I'm a rebel with a cause. 


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