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I am so excited to introduce myself to the community of A Girl Like MeMy name is Angel Stetson. I am 45 years old. I have a daughter (27) and two granddaughters (7 & 9). I am living in Sarasota, Fl. with my boyfriend of over four years. I am living with HIV and he is not. I joined The Well Project last year to learn more about how I could help other women and girls to avoid the stigma and terror I experienced from the world around me. My biggest hurts unfortunately came from family. They did not understand and I did not want to talk about being diagnosed positive for HIV. Today I realize the importance of language; as some terms can just turn me into a blubbering mess.

I lost all confidence in myself and began "self-medicating" as my way to deal with the injurious words and actions of those around me.

I am now an active volunteer and involved in community projects to help end the stigma and fears we face. I am passionate about getting everyone to be tested so we together can end this pandemic.

I am available to those who want to talk or want me to go with them to be tested.

My story is not all good. From the distorted views of myself to finding the courage within and strength in others who have gone before me, I can bring hope to those newly diagnosed or just coming to terms with their status. HIV has changed the way I live several times, however embracing my status has taught me the importance of being part of the solution. I look forward to sharing my journey with others.

Why Angel wants to be part of A Girl Like Me:  I was looking for a way to become more comfortable with my status when I happened upon The Well Project and A Girl Like Me. Through the webinars and stories I read, I became available to join in on life. I want to help others avoid the fear and empty feelings of thinking they are alone.




Here is Home

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Welcome Angel! I know the hurt that family can cause! I'm glad you found the strength to rise above the degradation and be a conduit for justice! Your story will empower other women to share theirs! 


Hello Angel

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Hello Angel!

Welcome to our sisterhood! much love and light to you and continue speaking up!!

Maria Mejia


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