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Submitted on Jul 15, 2016 by  Stigma Warrior Princess

My name is Sophie Mubvumbi Jayawardene. Many People call me Stigma Warrior Princess. Please feel free to call me this or Sophie Jayawardene.

I was diagnosed in 1989. At the time I was happily married,  six months pregnant expecting twins, and had two children under the age of 8. There was no medicine and I was going to die. The law makers arranged for the babies to be terminated and I was left alone to figure out how I should survive.

Knowing that I had only five years to live,  I forget all what other people live for and focus on my two children. These were the darkest days where silence ruled. 15 years later I woke up in hospital near death. Had lived this far suffering from living like someone else. I was invisible to the world and positive no-one could hear me.

During this time I learn a lot about human behavior when it comes to things that scare us the most. I learn about human sexual behaviors in general and the  dangers  stigma posed to the entire human race. As a parent I experienced difficulties in my parenting  under those circumstances.

Why Sophie wants to be part of A Girl Like Me: After four years in hospital care, I came back to life and swore that I will never again live like someone else. I promise that I will do by any means to make sure no person shall live the way I lived. I wrote a personal story, Sophie's World: Journeys Of The lost Soul and I was pretty much on my way to freedom. I am now an HIV Advocate, Gender Representative, Motivational Speaker, and a Sex Educator. I live in Auckland with my HIV openly, with my two grown up children and am now a Grandmother of two beautiful boys. I enjoy writing about the well-being of a Positive Being.

Submitted by tj30trust

So glad to have you as part of the A Girl Like Me family! Welcome Stigma Warrior Princess!!

Submitted by kmartel

Hi Sophie-I just want to extend a warm welcome --we are excited to have you join the A Girl Like Me family and our amazing community. We look forward to hearing your perspectives and learning more from you. <3

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