Aunty Lou's Hour: HIV, Sex and Wellness

Submitted on Jun 12, 2023 by  Aunty Lou's House

Because of the stigma associated with HIV it's very difficult for some people living with HIV to express how they feel and they suppress their emotions. Suppressing emotions for fear of judgment can be overwhelming. For some, it can lead to anxiety, depression, sadness, and poor health.

I started Aunty Lou's Hour to: (a) support people living with HIV who feel lonely; and (b) do what I can to reduce stigma associated with HIV.

I met Yvonne Richards on social media - and we shared a joint vision to talk about HIV to help reduce the stigma and educate people. In the episode below, I talk to Yvonne about HIV, sex, wellness, and all things HIV.  Both of us have been living with HIV for a number of years and are committed to reducing the shame, stigma and judgement associated with HIV.




Submitted by Red40something

What a terrific conversation. Its also a very "connected" experience. No matter where we are in the world, women living with and vulnerable to HIV go through the same things. 

Its one of the reasons I love this platform so much. Light reflects light and we reflect each other. Thanks for sharing!

Submitted by Ci Ci

You have gained one more follower and support on YouTube! Your advocacy is such a light! Welcome to this amazing community of women! 

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