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Submitted on Nov 1, 2019 by  Destiny Smith


Recently one of my blogs was shared on Facebook about me going back to online dating after finding out my positive status. Because of that, I got to speak to a gentleman who was also positive. As we were speaking, it dawned on me that he was not confident in himself and didn’t have the support he needed to shine his light. He has been positive for three years now, a little longer than me, and he hasn’t told very many people. He also believed that he wouldn’t be able to find love unless the girl he was with was also positive. And he was also having a hard time finding someone else who was positive - again, going back to him not wanting to disclose his positive status because of the fear of being judged and not feeling wanted and/or worthy. And my God, do I know that feeling all too well. By the grace of God I have a wonderful support system and I've met wonderful women through a bunch of support groups and different things of that nature, but I haven’t seen too many support groups or safe spaces for men to find people who relate to them and their situation.

So recently I created a safe space/environment on Facebook, a group called Positively Safe+. It is for both men and women who just need to feel like they are not alone and need a safe place to vent, scream, talk, laugh, cry, feel comfortable, and most importantly, know they are loved and accepted. If you or anyone you know could use that, please feel free to message me on Facebook (@DesxiMonroe) or comment on this blog and I will get in touch. You are unable to just search and find the page because once again, it is a safe place, so only members are able to find it.

Submitted by Escalice

This is so awesome! I've met many positive men who have said there's really no place for them to go and get the support they need. How wonderful of you to think of them!

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